Social Inclusion

Over the years Somoil has supported, in a structured and sustainable way, the community where we operate. We highlight social projects in the fields of health, education and social inclusion.

In the management of its social projects, SOMOIL works together with partners, churches and credible NGOs, to support the various needy communities in the province (hospitals, orphanages, schools, etc.), through sponsorships and, whenever possible, co-participation of service providers in the various social projects.

To build a fairer, more inclusive and sustainable society, and due to its commitment to the most vulnerable people , with special focus on children and youth, SOMOIL has provided its support by participating in activities that enable the physical and intellectual development of young Angolans.

With this in mind, it has been carrying out actions for Health, Education and Social Inclusion, enhancing the technical and professional skills of those most in need. Therefore, and as an Official Sponsor, it has been present in tournaments of karate (Luanda), table tennis (Luanda and Soyo) and in the massification of chess.

Investment in Social Inclusion

  • Angolan Chess Federation
    Massification program in the province of Zaire, with the objective of developing Chess Game and, consequently, the benefits it generates by developing the intellect as a pedagogical, social and cultural instrument.
    Sponsorship for World Cup 2021, in Russia Schochi, and national championships.
    • Provincial Table Tennis Association
      SOMOIL was the official sponsor of the provincial table tennis championship held on July 9, 2021, at the High-Performance Center of cidadela desportiva, for the purchase of biosafety materials, logistical support, athletes' certification.
    • Angolan Swimming Federation
      Sponsorship for the International Swimming Championship and support for the team.
    • S.E.I.S. Project: solidarity actions
      Aiming to promote a solid culture of solidarity, love of neighbor and social responsibility, SOMOIL's volunteer program, named "Project SIX", supports initiatives for health, education and social inclusion.
      Through effort and commitment, volunteers have the opportunity to contribute to the quality of life of those with the greatest needs in society by sharing knowledge, dedicating their time and donating perishable and non-perishable goods. In 2021, within the social inclusion initiative, Project SIX made donations to the ASCA home (an institution that shelters 55 girls) and donated non-perishable food, mosquito nets, school supplies and books, clothes and shoes, toys, among others.
    • Rehabilitation of the Kimpanzi Neighborhood Chapel

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