Investment in health

More than 200.000 people have already benefited directly from investments in Health made by SOMOIL.

There are several projects where SOMOIL's involvement has enabled a real improvement in the development of better hygiene and health care conditions.

It is SOMOIL's goal to improve the life of the communities where we operate.

Improving Sanitary Conditions and Public Health:

  • Construction and rehabilitation of drinking water access systems for remote communities.
  • Lectures for Awareness and Prevention (Fighting Malaria, HIV / AIDS, Cancer, blood donation).
  • Rehabilitation and equipping of orphanages, churches, etc.
  • Equipping and rehabilitation of health centers, Maternity and Pediatrics hospitals.
  • Improving sanitary conditions (public health work, markets and beaches).
  • Access to energy: Installation of solar panels to enable development.
  • Donations of equipment and resources for health centers.

Work Done

Rehabilitation of the Mange Grande Health Center

(Started 2021)
Beneficiaries / Expected Impact
Contribution to the local health and sanitation system , 40% of the Municipalities (Support hospitals and major healthcare centers in the region).

Soyo Central Hospital
Biosafety equipment
Administrative equipment
Replacement equipment (Electrical and HVAC etc...)

Support for Healthcare Centers (municipalities of Zaire province)


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