Project S.E.I.S.

Over the years Somoil has supported, in a structured and sustainable way, the community where we operate. We highlight social projects in the fields of health, education and social inclusion.

Aiming to promote a solid culture of solidarity, love of neighbor and social responsibility, SOMOIL's volunteer program, entitled "Project S.E.I.S." supports health, education and social inclusion initiatives.

Through effort and commitment, volunteers have the opportunity to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of those with greater needs in society, by sharing knowledge, dedicating their time and donating perishable and non-perishable goods in solidarity activities.

By carrying out volunteer activities, volunteers commit themselves to understanding the differences between realities and the various possibilities for transformation in the lives of many people. Furthermore, the activities enable them to learn new things and maintain the commitment to donate time to the causes they believe in and to those who are in a situation of social vulnerability.

Activities organized under Project SEIS

  • Donation at the Beiral lar de Idosos
  • Donation to the Women's Prison of Viana
  • Lecture on blood donation
  • Soccer Tournament
  • Race for the heart
  • Lectures on breast and prostate cancer

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