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Since our foundation we have been playing a pivotal role in the country's energy landscape.

Founded in 2000, the company has spent its first two decades building a strong asset base and a robust business model .

We started operating in 2003, with solar energy activities and consulting services . In 2005 and 2007 we acquired stakes in non-operated blocks .

Currently, SOMOIL is the Operator of Block 2 / 05 and the FS and FST Associations; it holds stakes in non-operated blocks 3 / 05 and 3.05A, 4 / 05 and 17 / 06.

SOMOIL is a company with exclusively private capital, owned entirely by Angolans.

SOMOIL is a company with exclusively private capital, owned entirely by Angolans .

It currently comprises five subsidiary companies :

SOMOIL International (Hong Kong)
Crude oil trading.

SOMOIL Renováveis Production and marketing of clean and renewable energies, including solar, solar thermal, photovoltaic, biomass, hydro or mini-hydro, wind, and waste.

SOMOIL Distribuição
Marketing and distribution of crude oil products, management of Fuel Station operations, and general services.

SOMOIL Upstream Operados
Management of oil stakes in operated blocks. It holds stakes in the companies responsible for prospecting, exploration, production and marketing of crude oil and its byproducts in the respective operated blocks.

SOMOIL Upstream Participações
Management of oil stakes in non-operated blocks. It holds stakes in the companies responsible for prospecting, exploration, production and marketing of crude oil and its byproducts in the respective non-operated blocks.

SOMOIL's main objective is to promote excellence and innovation to keep up with the development of the industry, achieve high levels of performance and contribute to the development of Angola.

"Twenty years of existence are counted from the year 2000, but in fact the Somoil project began earlier in the '90s, when a group of visionaries realized that the conditions were created for Angolan entrepreneurs (until then, limited to the provision of services) to participate in a deeper, substantial and active way, in the essence of the oil industry, specifically by getting involved in exploration and production, taking advantage of experienced and competent National Human Capital on the verge of retirement, the existence of marginal and / or declining oil fields, which at the time were not a priority for the Government and for the large multinational companies in our market but made perfect sense for small companies."

 Board of Directors

" What is Somoil today?

Somoil is a company with a workforce of approximately 300 people, i.e., direct employees, in addition to more than 500 indirect employees, i.e., subcontracted workers who provide services to Somoil.

"We are operators in three distinct areas, two Onshore FST and FS. These are very mature blocks, previously operated by FINA Petróleos de Angola, and we are also operators of block 2 / 05 located in Offshore shallow waters. Combined production of these three blocks is 15,000 bopd. We also have stakes in blocks operated by third parties, namely block 3 / 05, block 3 / 05A, block 4 / 05, all operated by Sonangol Pesquisa & Produção, and in block 17 / 06, in ultra-deep waters, operated by Total Angola.

Somoil also has a still timid presence in distribution. Somoil currently operates two Sonangol fuel stations but clearly has growth plans in this sector as well.

So, Somoil is currently a robust company, one of the largest employers in Zaire province; it is also established in Luanda, where our main office and the fuel stations (PAs) we operate are located."

Edson dos Santos
Chairman of the Executive Committee


With an eye on sustainable growth, over the past 20 years Somoil has become an excellent, World Class company, focused on sustainability and growing the shareholder value invested in a safe way, empowering and caring for the local workforce and the community where we operate.

The vision of the leading Angolan energy company includes:

  • Reference operator in Angola specialized in mature blocks with reduced production costs;
  • Efficiency in asset management in the exploration and development phases, with production expected to start in Blocks CON-1 and CON-6;
  • Participation in golden Blocks, by leveraging the know-how acquired from previously established partnerships;
  • Operator of medium-sized network of SOMOIL fuel stations; construction of a lubricants plant and start of the first phase of production of SOMOIL lubricants;
  • Resumption onshore storage and export of FST, B2 / 05, B3 / 05 production and new Congo onshore blocks via the Quinfuquena terminal onshore Soyo;
  • Partnerships with international reference players in the field of renewable energy for the development of projects in Angola, in order to develop know-how for future expansion;
  • Agile, performance-driven, fully digitized organization along its value chain;
  • Distribution of revenue aligned with the peers of the sector Listed in the Angolan stock exchange.


In the fulfillment of the mission and to achieve the objectives of our vision, Somoil opts for an ethical and excellence posture in the executions of its activities, guided by the strict respect for the Law, the environment, the dignity and rights of its customers, the welfare and professional valorization of its employees and the community, with humility, integrity, dedication, commitment, respect, resilience, health and safety.


Increasing more profitable production predicated on the improvement of artificial lift systems (jet pumps and improved gas lift), intervention at Raia and commissioning of facilities in Block 2 / 05 (LOE, BAGRE, MOW, CAVALA AND CHOPA), mobilization of a Rig to FST in 2Q2021, and the inauguration of the Somoil PA.

As part of its quest for a sustainable future, Somoil intends to increase its reserves, in part through bidding in upcoming licensing rounds and acquiring new assets. The company will also deploy EOR and IOR as part of its development of Block 2 / 05 and FS-FST blocks, as well as explore new areas within existing assets.

TRACE Certification

SOMOIL (S.A) is proud to announce the renewal of its TRACE certification for the Second year in a row.

TRACE TCertification certified companies and organizations, including SOMOIL S.A, are pre-vetted partners for multinational companies, investors and organizations seeking to carry out their activities with entities who share their commitment to transparency in business transactions.

What does all this really mean?

We are required to take part in the worldwide recognized standards of financial management including anti-bribery training, adopting a code of conduct, and updating due diligence information annually that is enshrined in our standard operating procedures and in a report made by TRACE so that we can be available to our partners and investors.

We have successfully completed internationally accepted due diligence procedures and continue our journey towards transparency in business transactions as one of our priorities to further increase trust in our processes and procedures.


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